Monday, August 22, 2011

In Honor of my Other Brother

And so it has come to pass, my older brother, David (here with his 2 kids Joshua & Rebekah), passed just 2 days after Red and I am slogging through the grief and occasionally falling on my face from the weight of it all until the jokes started . . . as follows:

I am talking on the phone to my niece and my Doberman runs past me with a dead mouse in her mouth - right into the house, right up on my bed; I'm screaming and running from her and she is chasing me;

Followed by the lawn mower which ran so well for the past month, won't run at all & the new trimmers I just bought keep getting stuck;

then, a bunch of frogs take up residence on my screened in porch & the Dobie spends all night barking at them;

and, last night, a chamleon keeps me up most of the night running across the wall above my head causing my Dobie (80 lbs) to dance on me repeatedly.

OK guys, quit it  . . . and yes, I can still hear you laughing . . .

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