Monday, November 14, 2011


So I haven't written in a while and some of my friends are bugging me to get back at it . . . ironically I'm also bugging the blogger who originally got me started to get back to it as well.  

The truth of it is I am still in a funk from recent events & I can't seem to find my sense of the absurd.  I get some really good jokes in the email; occasionally a kid does something funny but I just can't see the Golden Glow in all the depressing fog surrounding me.   I keep telling myself just hang in until next year; 7 more weeks and I'll turn a corner.  

Maybe if I finish unpacking . . . no really there are still boxes in the living room!

Or go back to some of those old joys I can recapture the Glow . . . then it hit me.  That's exactly what I need.  I need to do puzzles again.

When I was a teenager and faced with a problem, I would do a puzzle with my Mom and we would work and talk - my problem would slip out and she would help me fix it.  She said it helped me to organize my mind, feel like I completed something and to see the big picture.

So I have been doing puzzles all over the place & now instead of a hoarder, I am a puzzler!!  I have 2 puzzles going at home.  I've been doing all kinds of puzzles on the internet to the tune of hours at a time & I've spent a lot of time in the past month or so doing jigsaw puzzles with kids and passing along my mother's wisdom.  

Its like someone threw me a rope & I just had to put it together before I could pull myself up.  Uh oh, here come the tears again . . . but they are of relief not so much sadness.

I vow to once again haunt the thrift stores & garage sales and keep puzzling my way to the top again.

Thank you to my friends for their patience, support and maintaining the distance I need to grieve in private.   Don't worry, I'll work on some punny puzzle jokes for next time.

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