Saturday, April 23, 2011

Justifying my Plastic Container Collection

So I've moved and begun the unpacking process.  I've admitted my hoarding affliction and am prepared to overcome it.  Really wish I had faced it before I lugged all the extra junk to the new house . . . but better late than never.

Anyway, I'm unpacking and I open 3 green garbage bags and 1 huge tub of plastic food storage containers and I realize I need therapy.  Did I never throw out an empty butter tub (of any size), Chinese soup containers (those lids are totally leak proof) or the large yogurt containers (about a 100 of these).  The following thoughts have formed:

1.  Who was cooking all this food that had to be stored? Ahh . . . not me.

2.  How much food was I planning on saving at any one time?  Frig is only so big.

3.  They are not see thru so how many would I have to open to find the food I was actually looking for?  Honestly, most of them.

4.  I don't go anywhere, so I don't take food with me. 

5.  I have teeny tiny tupperware . . . was I really saving a tablespoon of something?

So you see its become some sort compulsion, but I can honestly say its all unconscious.  I don't shop products wondering what would fit in it after the original item was gone.  I don't hit thrift stores for rubbermaid or tupperware containers.  I always, and this is a compulsion, return containers to original owners if I take food home from their house.    I can always find a justification for collecting a specific container too, which deeply bothers me.   Chinese soup containers are tall, skinny and I'm not kidding, leak proof.  I don't eat soup so why am I saving them.  Square, rectangle ones are stackable in the frig; butter tubs hold 1-2 servings of whatever, and on and on it goes. 

So they are all going to the recycling guy . . . well, most of them, or some of them, maybe a few of them; ok 10 of them.  And don't get me started on my thousands of buttons in 5 different cookie tins or my entire 3 shelf cupboard of glass jars for canning, in all kinds of sizes.

Hey, one affliction at a time.

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