Monday, March 7, 2011

Its Been Awhile

Its been a bit since I've been here.  Its been hard to find the joy in my days lately.  Laughter has been hard to come by . . . yet, I've laughed harder in the past month, than in the past year.   A recent family gathering reminded me why I moved $3000 miles away.  What you caught that money symbol by the 3,000 number?  That's because my family is all about the money, the price, what we have, what we spent, what we hoard, what we leave behind for the others?  How are the poorer relatives judged . .  . by the job, the car, the marriage, the children, and THE MONEY!

Anyone who knows me, really knows me, doesn't wonder how I fell from the money tree at a dead run and never looked  back.  Much to the dismay of most of my family,  I have given away all my money, my belongings, my heart, sometimes my dignity; in favor of The Golden Glow.  Every time I relinquish my grip on something I cherish to someone I cherish more, I get that warm glowy feeling that feeds my need to do it again, and again and again.  Its addictive but its my joy. 

A recent example, I "paid" the children who I live for, a special dinner for getting good grades each grading period; which means a dinner at the restaurant of their choice.  My youngest niece (7 yo), Sarah, has a decision-making issue - and likes to milk any Aunt Dana event for as long as possible.  So, on her day to do a special meal, she was asked where she wanted to eat. 

First, we had to sit in a Kohl's parking lot for 15 min while she chewed over her choices ~ Denny's, Ihop, Friendly's, etc. We whittled it down to Ihop or Denny's but we had to stop at Ihop to review the menu and see if they serve Macaroni & Cheese.  They do not. 

And so it was off to Denny's.   She reviewed that menu  for 15 min, even though she wanted the Mac & Cheese 15 min earlier.  Surprise, she chose Mac N Chs.  She talked endlessly through the meal, stretching it out as long as possible; asking for numerous refills of her soda & toiling endlessly with her milk shake dessert.  The process took about 1 1/2 hrs, but it was well spent. 

For $10 (kids eat free on Tues at Denny's), I spent 90 min laughing hysterically at the social commentary of a witty 7 yo.  I could barely eat or get a word in edgewise.  "Did you know that Jr Luther Martin King freed the slaves, and  somebody killed him because they wanted to keep their slaves?", asked my Sarah.  Nope and on and on it went.

My memory of that dinner will last way longer than anything I have or ever will purchase.  That Golden Glow will never wear off.   I just wish my family would stop trying to put a price on it . . .

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