Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Its time to share my opinion, and mine alone, on texting.  I'm old school with regards to writing.  Long flowing letters filled with information and emotion.  I find Texting, cold, short, impersonal.  I just can't get into it.  I still try to type long flowing missives, but they don't fit in the space allowed.   Guess that's the problem - allowable space. 

I've never been one to respect borders or fit into anyone's definition of space, except, perhaps, outer.  I think and live big; I talk loud; I take up my space and more.  I exceed my own expectations and I hold others to that level as well.  I see more than the words written and feel more than the message conveys and texting only leaves me wanting.  I want a conversation, an answer and affirmation.  Instead I am left with questions not answered; feelings not expressed; and doubt as whether the message was even received.

Beyond that frustration is one more . . . I am an English teacher trained in 4 years of Latin conjugations and 2 years each of Spanish and Italian.  I hate, detest, deplore and scream at misspelled words.  I know texting is shorthand, its meant to convey a quick thought or answer a short question . . . but it is extremely difficult, almost utterly impossible, to not want to send back a reply  including the correct spelling of a misspelled word!

K, im dun now.

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