Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A friend

A friend of mine has started a blog rejoicing in the blessings of her family. 

I want to write about everything else.  Hence, this blog

I'm going to use this forum to be talkative, loud and obnoxious, because my inner circle finds me very much amusing; and the outer circle might like a good laugh or two at my expense. 

. . . so

tonite, I took my nephew driving (his 5th time out), as we passed his first "oncoming" car, I about burst at the look on his face - sheer panic and then determination to get through it.  I am reminded of driving lessons with my dad.  It was all just panic, panic, panic.  I spent $1000 on driving lessons  from one of those companies after one day on the road with Dad.  A few years later, I taught my younger sister.  No mailbox was safe and NY still hasn't passed that left on red law yet.  Please feel free to comment with your first driving "experiences", I need something to read in the car while we practice!

I did, however, share with my nephew, the most awesome moon I have ever seen, and we both took a moment to appreciate it;

then I reminded him to put the car in park so it would stop rolling away . . .

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  1. LOL Dana. We were in the country. We didn't worry about hitting anything but cows and deer, maybe the occasional snow drift. Glad you started a blog its great therapy on the cheap;)