Friday, December 27, 2013

This Holiday Season

I was actually dreading this holiday season as my clock has started to run backwards.  One less Christmas, one less New Years, but as usual my nieces, nephews & friends have reminded me to look forward and be assured that they will take care of me when I can no longer take care of myself.

I spent this holiday, cleaning, planning, organizing and just simply laying around.  Taking time to re-establish my goals & reset my dreams.  I have talked or texted with just about everybody I know and realize that some have been drifting away and I need to take time to bring them back to the fold. 

I also realized that I have been neglecting myself lately; I need to focus inward & keep my eyes forward.  More than once my mind has drifted to the what was & what could have beens more frequently than is healthy.

We can't have that now.  I have so many things I still want to do... not a bucket list because as I tell everyone, I have done everything I ever wanted....and some things I didn't want to!  I have no regrets because each choice good or bad has gotten me to this point.

Heard a saying in a movie today:   Everything will be alright in the end.  If its not alright, you are not at the end.

I'm glad I am not at the end.

Happy New Years.

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