Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Christmas Glow

Not so much a glow as a glare ....

Spent hours on the phone/texting with my nieces, Tanya, Ariel, Laurel & Beka, my nephews Joshua & Jason.  They don't even know each other but have no idea how much they are alike.  Witty repartee and biting sarcasm - I wish they could have known my Dad.  They are the next generation of the Millers.  Court jesters & entertainers.

Anyway, I digress.  My after Christmas catch up with everyone is nearly complete and everyone seems to have enjoyed their holidays but relieved they are over.  My nephew Jason got engaged, my niece, Beka, got corrective eye surgery.  Ariel recovered from her horrendously debilitating flu, Laurel got some much needed sister time, Tanya got a break from her hectic schedule & Joshua got  what he reallllly wanted for Christmas, an air conditioner (he lives in NY and its currently 19 degrees but he is looking forward to a cold summer apparently)! 

I received, in one form or another, every last thing I had on my list except a new house.  It was number one on my list but alas, Santa couldn't fit that baby on his sleigh.  I shall have to get that one for myself.

So the glare part.. in most of these conversations I realize I discussed everyone's futures except mine.  So here's mine, not calling them resolutions, but short & long term goals:

Short term goal:

Throw away every last thing in my house that I have not touched in the past year. 

Long term goal:

New House.

In between goal:

Lose 100 pounds so I can breath....again.

That's it....simple, short, direct & next to impossible.

Lord, I love a challenge.

Happy New Year, dear readers.

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