Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moving & Hoarding - AGAIN

So, I am preparing to move again; yes, its been a year already.  In an effort to minimize the hassles of moving, I am yet again disposing of things I don't want to move - or make my friends move this time!! 

Anyway, I have unconsciously hoarded again -

Clothes . . . I have clothes in 10 different sizes but can only wear one size.

Newspaper for starting fires in the fireplace.  I have tons but only used the fireplace about 10 times. 

Plastic storage totes, though in fairness, most of them came from unpacking other things I got rid of.

Picture frames - the big ones 11 x 17 with no pictures to fit them.

I honestly think I should just avoid thrift stores completely.  Or I could quit moving & live with denial.

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