Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lost my _ key today

Okay, my laptop is old & not getting any younger.  Today I lost my _ key.  I'm trying to write _-mas letters at top speed and can't believe how often I use my _ key . . . things are e_citing, e_tra money, e_tra days off, etc.   It makes me wonder what else I have lost this year beyond my brothers.

I definitely lost time, days go by & I wonder where they went - its Friday, I think its Tuesday; look at a clock thinking its late morning & its really 3:00 and on and on.

I'm so busy anticipating future commitments & plans that I have lost my Now as well.  I used to do things right when I think of them because I forget if I don't do them "Now"; so I forgot the items I wanted to search for on Craigslist; the Zyrtec coupon I was going to use; to pay my internet bill (almost lost that one); to replace the dodad that makes the horn work in my van.  You get the picture.

So I have to fi_ the _-key before my mind e_plodes!


oh, shoot - there goes another one . . .

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